What are the responsibilities of a law enforcement agency towards society?

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Law enforcement agencies are a unique organization that ensures that all the rules and laws are followed properly, and no criminal activity is being carried out in the surroundings. There are various officers of these agencies who hold different powers and can take immediate action against any person who breaks the rule by just looking at the prison directory. They regularly patrol in teams in different areas of the city and ada county arreststhe person who is found doing any unlawful act. They help to provide the public a secure and serene environment. People can work, roam, and play freely in the areas where there is no crime, and enforcement agencies are doing their work correctly.

Social responsibilities of the law enforcement agency


Every official of the law enforcement agency is in the service public. They must behave properly with the common people and try their best to resolve their problem calmly. Especially when dealing with children, women, and senior citizens. They must be polite and respectful.


They must provide proper directions and guidance to the public patiently. They have to deal with some disabled people also so they must behave appropriately and give the best service. Officers are supposed to keep a check on the surroundings and help homeless people who don’t have enough money or resourced to live a good life.

Required assistance

Along with recording crimes and stopping them, these agencies also provide all necessary support and help to the victims. If anyone suffers an accident, it’s the officer’s responsibility to provide him first aid and send him to the nearest hospital.


Harassment cases with children and women are rapidly pacing up nowadays. Law enforcement agencies provide them security against these issues and take strict action against the guilty. Harassment can occur anywhere, and anytime in various ways such as gestures, touch, verbally, signs, and remarks.

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