What are various motives that are considered by travelers for applying ESTA?

ESTA is the most convenient program that can be used to travel to the United States very soon. It has been considered as the most effortless process by the people because it is easy to get involved in this program, as you just have to fulfill the criteria given by the homeland security officers of the US government. To apply for 90 days limit ESTA visa, you should have a valid reason to travel to the US for any essential purpose, and the best thing is that you have not to queue for getting visas.

Shifting to the US

If you are planning to move to the United States and have made your mind to apply through the ESTA program, this will be impossible this visa waiver program designed for short trips. ESTA program cannot even be changed to the long-term visit, and you have to provide the various proofs of getting return from the US.

For getting married

The ESTA programs enable you to stay there for less duration, but if you are planning to get married and decided to settle there after the marriage, you are not allowed to stay there. Therefore, you have to return before the expiring of the ESTA, but you can apply for citizenship or any other type of visa and return as soon as possible.

Business dealing

If your motive for the visit to the US is to participate in any business transaction of your company or the company is organizing an event for their officials ate international level, The ESTA program is the best option for you.

Education purpose

If you have made your mind to pursue your higher education in the United States you are required to apply for a particular study visa as the duration of the diploma and degrees are of 1 year or more. However, if you are going there for attending the summer classes, ESTA is the best program for you.

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